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At Conom Law Firm, we not only are trial lawyers, but we also represent clients for  criminal appeals to higher courts, including the Washington Supreme Court.  If you live in the Snohomish County or the greater Seattle/King County area and have been convicted by a judge or jury and are seeking relief from that finding or verdict, we can help. 

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Types of Appeals

At Conom Law Firm, our Snohomish/King County appellate attorneys have successfully represented clients with many different types of appeal cases, including appeals from misdemeanor convictions, like assault domestic violence or DUI, as well as felony convictions, on many types of cases from harassment to murder in the first degree.

In addition, we also handle civil appeals arising from revocation of driver’s licenses in DUI cases.

Felony Appeals

Misdemeanor Appeals

Civil/License Appeals

With Over 60 Years of Appeals Experience, We Can Make A Difference For You

At Conom Law Firm, we understand your questions, and we are here to address all your concerns.

Appellate Attorneys in Snohomish and King County

Time is incredibly important when it comes to an appeal.  There are very strict time limits on appealing a conviction.  That’s why, if you are considering an appeal for your case, you immediately need a capable attorney to assist you.  We’ve successfully litigated appeals at every level of court in Washington, from small-town municipal courts all the way to the Washington Supreme Court.  We know how to handle an appeal.

Many criminal defense attorneys will defend cases up to, and perhaps including, a jury trial, but if the unthinkable happens and the client is convicted, they won’t bother handling any further appeal to a higher court?  Why?  Probably because appeals are a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process.  A jury trial could potentially go for days or even weeks, and an appeals lawyer needs to be able to review every single word said at that trial to find the legal errors that will result in a favorable outcome for the client.  A good appeals lawyer needs to have the sharp instincts of a trial lawyer with the aptitude for explaining the most important details of the law to a judge or judges.

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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Appeals Attorney


This is your only chance.  If you are convicted of a crime and do nothing, that conviction will stand.  Only with a successful appeal do you have an opportunity to right the wrong against you.


Errors Exist in Every Case.  We’ve tried hundreds of cases and seen dozens of appeals.  Every case, without exception, contains at least one legal error.  How serious those errors are, and whether they are worthy of an appeal, is something you can explore by consulting with an experienced attorney like our office. 


Obtain Your Freedom.  If you were wrongly convicted, and you were sentenced to jail or prison, an appeal is usually the only method to get you out fast.  Your freedom is the most precious thing you have, don’t waste it!


Experience Matters.  We have successfully won cases on appeal at all levels of courts in Snohomish and King County.  Choose an office that has seen it all before, and done it all before, to help you during your appeal.


The Personal Touch.  At Conom Law Firm, we pride ourselves in keeping our clients informed and engaged in the appellate process, every step of the way.

How It Works- The Free Consultation


The first step is to consult with us about your appeal.  We offer free initial confidential consultations.   

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You’ll get a structured 30-60 minute conversation with an experienced appeals attorney, face to face (In person or via Videoconference). No obligation to hire us and no money required for this meeting, and it’s all totally confidential.


Make a Plan to successfully resolve your case

Bring your questions! No question is too small to address. Bring any papers relating to your appeals case so we can look them over. We’ll give you lots of information to help you make the best decision for you and your family. We’ll talk about the law, the facts of your case, and discuss all your legal options.

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You’ll walk out of the office with a plan to successfully resolve your case.

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Conom Law Firm Criminal Defense Client Reviews

Always get the best results…
Derek Conom is great at what he does. Not only does he instill confidence in one even in times of doubt; he follows through with an order of action to prove why there should be none. Thinking outside of the box is an understatement in regards to his approach. If you have been looking for someone who will do anything and everything for his client to only and always get the best results then look no further – Derek is your man!
– Connor – Google

Derek Conom is an amazing lawyer…
Mr. Conom fought extremely hard to the very end,to make sure I received the very best outcome!
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