Our client was at home minding his business when there was a knock at his door.  His girlfriend answered.  It was the police, and they were there with a warrant to arrest him.  They told him he was being charged with a robbery.  He told them he didn’t commit any crime at all.

We got involved and got to work defending him.  The case involved the victim, who was a young college student, meeting up with two old acquaintances from high school.  The two people with the victim called two additional men to come hang out with them and get high together.  What the victim didn’t know at the time was that the two guys he was hanging out with were setting him up to be robbed.

The two robbers arrived on scene and one robber got into the backseat of the victim’s car, while the other robber stood outside the victim’s car.  The robber in the backseat had his hand in his jacket and made threats against the victim which lead him to believe the robber had a gun in his jacket pocket.  The victim gave up his belongings to the robbers, but we don’t know how well he truly saw the man in the backseat, nor could he ever confirm there was an actual gun involved.

After the robbery, the victim went back to his so-called “friends” and pressed them for information about the identities of the robbers.  One of the “friends” gave the victim a picture of our client, with whom he had some social media connections.  With our client’s face fresh in the victim’s mind, the victim picked our client out of a police montage.

The case went to trial, and there was no other evidence except for the victim’s eyewitness identification of our client as the backseat robber, which he told the jury he was 100% certain on.  Nevertheless, the jury found our client not guilty of all charges, both robbery first and second degrees.  Through careful cross-examination, we were able to show that the victim wasn’t able to see anyone clearly in the backseat, and that his ID of our client in the police montage was tainted by his prior viewing of a photo of our client, and that he was under the influence of marijuana which likely altered his perceptions during the robbery.

Our client maintained his innocence of this crime from the start of this case.  He was facing years in prison for this charge.  But he is a free man and a present father again to his young child because he was our client on this case If you need a strong defense like he did, give us a call right away.