In the News: Conom Law Firm, Edmonds Criminal Defense Lawyers, Assaut First Degree Charge – February 17, 2022

Thanks to tireless advocacy for our client in this case, a charge of Assault First Degree was reduced to Assault Second Degree.  The client was facing the charge after a violent shooting at an Everett bus stop, had he been convicted of the first degree charge, was facing at least 25 years in prison, and very well could have received a sentence of over 31 years.

Instead, because of a consistent investigation and a strong negotiation, the charge was reduced down to second degree assault, which carries a far lighter sentence.  Even then, the State sought a sentence of 106 months, or nearly 9 years in prison.  We were able to convince the judge instead to impose a sentence of 8 years for the client, where the law allowed for no less than a 7 year+ sentence.



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