Recently, I attended a seminar which focused on the immigration challenges for an American citizen to enter Canada after a criminal conviction.  It reminded me of how complicated the intersection of three major areas of law can get – Washington State law, American federal law, and Canadian law.

I often have clients with jobs that take them across our northern border.  Knowing that up front helps me to orchestrate a defense that properly accounts for international travel.

Back in 2018, Canada passed a law that made it more difficult for Americans with DUI convictions to enter the country.  The harsher law was seen as a “compromise” against the law which legalized marijuana in Canada.  Now, even a Washington conviction for reckless driving can bar entry into Canada for 10 years or more.

Our firm has connections with immigration lawyers both here and in Canada, and a defense against a criminal charge focuses not just on the present, but also on protecting the client’s future as well.  It’s just one aspect among many that a criminal defense lawyer will cover for a client. 


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